Speakers with 4-8-16-24 loud speakers. Available power ranges from 80-160-320-640 Watt.

The BK series is the Belltron modular speaker line consisting of a main module which can be joined to up to two additional modules. Each module consists of an array speaker with 8 high power neodymium drivers.
The speakers of the BK series, offering excellent response to low frequencies and transients, allow the voice to retain its naturalness and clarity even at high volumes.
The array system with very close speakers allows directive sound diffusion by decreasing the resonance of the environment. The voice remains natural and intelligible even in the most acoustically difficult environments such as worship rooms and conference rooms.
The speakers of the BK series allow you to select the impedance – 8/32 ohms – so as to set the correct load and maximize performance.
Simple and modern design to adapt to all environments, mechanics in powder-coated extruded aluminum.