The SSP-520 is a mobile procession system

Mobile procession system with Sennheiser radiomicrophone, display and USB port for playing music.

Thanks to the integrated radio microphone Sennheiser TX/RX kit, the SPP-520 system offers a frequency band scanning for automatic search with any of the free frequencies available to ensure a pure sound without interferences.


The Belltron audio mobile  system SPP-520 is an excellent device to amplify voice and music outdoors for  long processions. The ability to create radio links between the systems allows you to organise the length of a procession according to specific requirements. The Belltron mobile procession system is made up of a procession pole where the frequencies can be adjusted and saved, volume and tone control and a microphone. The basic kit can be supplemented  by an additional microphone and by more  RX/TX mobile systems depending on the surroundings in which they are to be used. The mobile systems are both receiving (RX) and transmitting (TX) systems. The acoustic signal is received from the available frequency channels. Thanks to the Sennheiser integrated TX/RX kit,  the SPP-520 system offers a frequency  band scanning for automatic search with any of the free frequencies available.


The SPP-520 is made up of several systems of the same series, each of which are adaptable depending on the choice of the procession system and their use in either processions that moves along winding paths where the receivers and transmitters cannot be seen  or for  long processions along straight routes where the  receivers and transmitters are in sight. The nickel-hydrate metal batteries allow the SPP-520 system up to 6 hours autonomy.


The SPP-520 procession systems have built-in horn speakers which allow a homogenous sound and high tone correction. The system has a built-in double digital amplifier and antilarsen. The USB port allows you to play the music of your choice.


A display on the system allows you to clearly see the parameters that have been set and save them. The system structure is realised in lightweight and weatherproof anodized aluminium.