Gooseneck altar mirophones

Gooseneck altar mirophones. Available sizes : 35-45-60 cm.

Belltron MBAL series of gooseneck microphones for the altar. The Belltron MBAL microphones are particularly suitable in reverberant environments having a strong rejection to acoustics phenomena to which it is barely sensitive.Available in the following sizes:

  • MB35AL: Altar microphone 35 cm.
  • MB45AL: Altar microphone 45 cm.
  • MB60AL: Altar microphone 60 cm.

The Belltron gooseneck altar microphones have cardioid polar features and are particularly suitable for use in reverberant surroundings owing to its strong rejection to acoustic phenomenon to which they are barely sensitive. The frequency response is wide and linear and exceptional voice intelligibility. Very low frequencies are automatically filtered in order to drastically  reduce any eventual reverb transmitted through the table or the pulpit. This microphone is particularly suitable for churches, theatres, conference halls, etc.


Belltron microphones have been designed by the company to meet the needs of the clergy and to clearly amplify the spoken word and singing indoors. The MBAL microphones are very practical and efficient, have a slim line design and are available in various lengths (35 – 45 – 60 cm.) according to specific requirements.


The Belltron MBAL microphones  are electret condenser gooseneck type and are distinguished for their strong sensitivity and sound quality. They are omnidirectional microphones which have a spherical shape. The microphones are designed to comply with the safety and immunity regulations and come with the EC marking in accordance with the EEC 89/336 Directives.


The quality and reliability of Belltron products are tested and safe. Using proprietary technology, which characterizes every single electronic device, Belltron is pleased to offer a distinctive Made in Italy product. The high quality factory made productions promote the good name of the company, which is an excellence for electronics in the ecclesiastical world.