“A few months ago, I celebrated a function in another church in Miami, and I was impressed by the functionality of their audio system, delivering a crispy, clear and very detailed sound.

This gave a good reason to install the same audio system in my church at Immaculate Conception in Hialeah where the acoustic was crucial. Vosmo LLC provided an outstanding service, installed a beautiful Belltron sound system pleasing everybody by tangibly improving the quality of the sound in the church.”

– Rev. Manuel Alvarez, Pastor at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church

“During a recent meeting at the Archdiocese of Miami, I got to know about Vosmo LLC and met the manager.

He then showed me the features of a Belltron audio system that could solve all the audio issues in my church. I decided to give it a chance and I could not be more satisfied with the excellent results.”

– Rev. Yader F. Centeno, Parochial Administrator of Saint John Bosco Catholic Church

“[…] When I moved to my actual church, I knew Vosmo would have the right solution to ensure the perfect intelligibility of the speech.

Vosmo did amazing job, very professional and clean to the sight; we would recommend their audio solutions to any church who wants to improve the quality of their functions.”

– Rev. Enrique Estrada, Pastor of Our Lady of the Divine Providence Catholic Church

“[…] During a recent convocation of the priests of the Archdiocese of Miami, I met Mr. Moscatelli, manager of Vosmo LLC, during our featured showcase. He presented to me the features of a Belltron audio system that could have potentially solved all the audio issues I was having at my parish church.

Since my church has suffered from bad sound for at least a decade, I decided to give it a chance. Mr. Moscatelli was very knowledgeable about our needs and brought with him […] a team of highly trained audio engineers […]

Once the new system was completely setup, I have found a dramatic improvement. I have had many compliments and positive feedbacks from our parishioners who seem to be happy that they can finally hear clearly during our church functions.

I want to express my gratitude to Vosmo […] for the outstanding job done in improving our sound quality in the church which was not an easy task but it managed to achieve unexpected results.

I would gladly recommend Vosmo to any other parish that has critical acoustics inside their church, feeling confident to hire a knowledgeable and highly professional team that will install an excellent sound system for the best sound clarity and intelligibility.”

– Rev. Mons. Chanel Jeanty, JCL, Pastor of St. James Catholic Church