Clock movements system “ROB” series

The clock movements system “ROB” series synchronizes the clock hands to a tenth of a second to the actual time of the control unit. This innovative system allows constant time precision under any condition.

The clock movements system “ROB” series for tower clocks is completely different from all the obsolete electro-mechanical systems in use up until now. Innovative digital equipment has been used to implement this system in order to synchronize to the tenth of a second the position of the clock hands to the atomic time. Absolute time precision is guaranteed for life.


The innovation of this system consists of detecting the position of the hour/minute clock hands which are constantly synchronized to the atomic time using a single digital sensor (equivalent to 7,200 fixed sensors on each axis). The system is equipped with an internal display to clearly show the position of the clock hands.


No maintenance is required thanks to automatic self-setting every 20 milliseconds. In the event of a blackout, even over a repeated short or long period of time, the system, once power is regained, will instantly read the position of the hour and minute clock hands and, without effecting any calculations, will immediately synchronize the clock to the current real time.


The Belltron clock movements system guarantees clock precision under any condition. Clock precision is attained through the sensors which are arranged and placed on the axis of clock hands, through the direct connection of the GPS (autonomous movements system) and the constant interaction with the control unit.The power supply of the control unit and the control movements system “ROB” can be different. For example, If there is a power failure in the bell tower, while that of the control unit is present, when power is returned to the tower, the position of the clock hands is immediately detected in a second and, as opposed to the old systems used until now, the system will synchronize to the current time immediately.


The design and implementation of this system, as well as all other Belltron products, are factory made using dedicated software and proprietary technology. This is our line of approach in order to meet the highest technical and quality standards required. The clock movements system is easy to handle and easy to install, even on existing clock systems.