BPA-16 Digital Mixer / Amplifier with 16 microphone inputs and 35 parameter storage presets.

The BPA-16 signal processing is exclusively in digital form. The 7″ Touch Screen with 16 microphone inputs and 35 parameter storage presets facilitates the use of the electronic instrument for the user. The audio amplification inside the chosen location can be adjusted in detail and customized according to the sound absorption and depending on the speaker tone, thanks to a 15-band parametric equalizer on 4 outputs and a delay line adjustable by 0 to 120 ms. Among the novelties are the fiber optic inputs and outputs, a customized password, a smartphone App for the management of the different presets and general volume, customized parameter control up to a maximum of 4 different areas. These features are also available in the BPA-8 and BPA-6 versions.


The new Belltron BPA-16 Series Mixer / Amplifier is the concentration of the most advanced technology in the field of acoustics for places of worship. The Belltron amplification systems do not disturb the musical or vocal signal acoustically; the audio remains very similar to the original sound without causing distortion.


The fact that there are 35 presets that can be saved helps to achieve an optimal sound in any acoustic situation inside the place of worship according to the turnout and therefore obtaining a different sound absorption during the various church functions : full, half-full or half-empty church. The programming and backup / restore of all the set parameters can also be carried out via PC, with a dedicated software as well as the option to create a backup copy of all the settings.


The internal 15-band parametric equalizer on 4 outputs offers the possibility of optimally adapting the audio signal to any environment or area, both architecturally and functionally. Thanks to a personalized equalization it is also possible to break down all the trigger frequencies which are different in each environment. Fiber optic inputs and outputs are used to maintain the original purity of the sound. During the installation, the amplifier parameters can be controlled remotely via PC.


Belltron products are tested and assured for quality and reliability. Having proprietary technology, which distinguishes each electronic appliance, Belltron is pleased to offer the excellence of a Made in Italy product. The high quality internal production line favours the good name of the company, making it a distinct label in electronics in the ecclesiastical world.