BPA-16 Digital Mixer / Amplifier with 16 microphone inputs and 35 parameter storage presets.

The memorization presets allow to adjust the audio system based on sound absorption and depending on the type of timbre of each speaker, to always have maximum performance. The BPA-16 has within it 4 parametric equalizers and 16 antilarsen. For each input it is possible to adjust the noise gate, gain, low, medium and high tones and the signal level, activate and turn off the antilarsen. The BPA-16 is specially designed to give advantages to sound systems for installations of ecclesiastical type, conference rooms, theaters, oratories. Total parameter management from PC with Wi-Fi connection (optional). Remote preset management via tablet / smartphone with dedicated app (optional).

Available in versions:

  • 600W with parametric and antilarsen equalizer
  • 600 + 600W/1200W bridge with equalizer and antilarsen


  • 16 Microphone inputs with digital sensitivity adjustment ranging from 49 dB (ex for a dynamic microphone) at 11 dB (eg a dial tone)
  • Unbalanced AUX inputs: 6 aux (1-6), 1 aux (9)
  • FO input: 1 aux (2,8)
  • Digital adjustment of general microphone volume and tones: low, medium, high volume
  • Digital adjustment of the general volume and tones: low, medium, medium low, high, medium high
  • Digital adjustment of volumes and tones of each single AUX input (1-6), LINK (9): low, medium, high volume
  • Variable Low Frequency Filter (LOW CUT)
  • Variable High Frequency Filter (HIGH CUT)
  • Parametric equalizer (STEREO mode): 4×16 bands
  • NOISE GATE on all microphone inputs (16)
  • 4 Noise Gate General
  • Antilarsen for each microphone that can be activated or deactivated and general antilarsen
  • Possibility to address each microphone on each output
  • Possibility of delay line from 0 to 120 ms. on a prepared exit
  • REC button for automatic deactivation of the Rec input: aux (5,6)
  • 35 PRESET memorization for Empty, Half-full, Holidays, Solemn, etc.
  • Possibility to lock the keyboard with the exception of PRESETS
  • Possibility to totally lock the keyboard including the PRESETS
  • Possibility to control all parameters via PC, with ETHERNET-LAN-WIRELESS connection, (equalization, volumes, antilarsen, etc…)
  • Possibility to make security copies (backups) and restore (restore) all
    set parameters (equalization, volumes, etc.) via PC or USB
  • Possibility to select presets via tablet / smartphone with dedicated app (optional)
  • Possibility of software update via USB
  • 7″ touch screen display