The BPA-219 is a digital amplifier and mixer for churches

Digital amplifier/mixer 6 mic. inputs + 2 aux.

The BPA-219 is a mixer, amplifier and digital signal processor with the latest generation of DSP. 6 + 1 AUX inputs and adjustable Noise Gate on each microphone input. The system has 6 Presets programmable via PC or tablet via Wi-Fi. Excellent sound quality and professional features. Power supply: 250 Watts


Belltron manufactures five different models of digital audio amplifiers to meet the various power and connection  requirements according to the building in which they are installed. The BPA-219 digital amplifier has 6 microphone inputs + 1 auxiliary input for music or other. The amplifiers made by Belltron do not acoustically distort the musical or vocal signal, making the audio remain very similar to the original sound.  In this way, the emotions released by a song or tone of voice of the speaker maintain the correct sound destined to the congregation.


In order to always obtain the best performance for each occasion, the settings of the 3 available presets allow you to adjust the sound system to suit the mass of the day, festivities and solemn ceremonies, according to the various moments of the day when the church is either crowded or not, hence the related sound absorption. Backup and restore can also be made via PC or Tablet with dedicated software.


The BPA-219 amplifier has 6 microphone inputs + 1  auxiliary input and 3 memory presets. On each input  you can adjust the noise gate, gain, bass, middle and treble and signal level. These features have been specially designed to provide particular advantages to church sound systems, conference rooms, theatres, and church halls. Also available are versions with built-in Antilarsen and parametric equalizer: model BPA-219EA.


The quality and reliability of Belltron products are tested and safe. Using proprietary technology, which characterizes every single electronic device, Belltron is pleased to offer a distinctive Made in Italy product. The high quality factory made productions promote the good name of the company, which is an excellence for electronics in the ecclesiastical world.