The series DF consists of omnidirectictional speakers for the church

Omnidirectictional speaker. Available at 400 and 600 Watt.

The omnidirectictional speaker is the best of loudspeakers as it covers a 360° area. It has an anodized aluminium finishing. Available in two versions: 400 or 600 Watt.


The DF-400 and DF-600 are our best outdoor speakers. They offer a good sound performance which covers a wide sound range and fit perfectly into the surroundings where they are installed sometimes they are even unnoticeable. The Belltron DF-400 and DF-600 speakers allow a wide range diffusion of the sound owing to the  360° special design. Thanks to the 400 or 600 Watt power, the sound can reach an enormous distance recalling the faithful to prayer.


The DF-400 and DF-600 omnidirectional speakers are a combination of efficiency and effectiveness, specially designed to create a harmonious sound diffusion for outdoors. These speakers can be installed on roofs and are realized in anodized aluminium resistant to all weather conditions. The structure of the omnidirectional speaker is hardly noticeable and blends comfortably into the architecture of places of worship. They can also be used as a supporting base for the Belltron Cross realized in anodized aluminium.


If you have a Belltron electronic bell system and have no real bells, the DF-400 or DF-600 omnidirectional speakers offer the chance of amplifying your system with a high quality harmonious sound.


The quality and reliability of Belltron products are tested and safe. Using proprietary technology, which characterizes every single electronic device, Belltron is pleased to offer a distinctive Made in Italy product. The high quality factory made productions promote the good name of the company, which is an excellence for electronics in the ecclesiastical world.