The VS-3100 is a digital carillon

Amplified electronic digital carillon, 250 and 1,000 Watt. Can store up to 1,000 melodies. Can manage up to 24 relay outputs. Large 7” LCD colour display.

The VS 3100 amplified electronic digital carillon allows you to ring real cast bronze bells or digitally reproduce high audio fidelity bell sounds. Up to 1,000 melodies can be stored. A useful device to pre-arrange programming and control various associated services.


The electronic digital carillon, apart from digitally reproducing high audio fidelity bell sounds it also allows you to play real cast bronze bells. The 7” graphic colour display allows a good clear  vision of the available menus and time programming. The VS 3100 can easily be used by anyone thanks to the straightforward guided instructions available in various languages (Italian, English, French, Spanish, Polish, German , Portuguese, Russian, Romanian, Lithuanian).


Ten instant program buttons are available to allow you to enable or inhibit programmed bell sounds, to adjust clock strikes, quick play bell sounds such as funeral tolls, solemn events, etc., check service programs (turning on lights or heating, opening of doors/gates, alarm systems, all with the simple touch of a finger.   When required, by just using a single button you can enter any type of special programming.


The wide range of recorded and preset sounds in the VS 3100 are capable of meeting the requirements  of all parish priests. For particular  local customs requirements, it is possible to record melodies either using the Midi keyboard manufactured or directly from the electronic digital carillon. Each melody can be listened to before being saved inside the device and given a corresponding number and title. The sound of different size bells is faithfully reproduced going from the deep low notes to the high pitch notes, in every possible combination. Each sound can be repeated, copied, modified, velocity change, be manipulated in any way and played in sequence, for any number of minutes or of times.


Use of the latest generation of processors and audio DSP  make the VS 3100 a high-performance device. Thanks to the use of an operating system and proprietary technology we have managed to manufacture a system with extremely high quality polyphonic sounds. The VS 3100 can be programmed via Internet using a PC, Tablet or Smartphone. The VS 3100 is equipped with class “D” internal amplifier.